Opening your camera up to a whole new universe of imaging possibilities!


DSLR conversion and modification service and packages.


filter removal, replacement and modifications for infra red or astrophotography and custom converted
DSLR packages.

 I offer a Clear Glass replacement Full Spectrum and InfraRed conversion service and can supply custom converted body packages.


My promise to supply you, the astronomy and photographic communities, with a fast, reliable  cost effective service for modifying your existing DSLRs as well as a range of low cost, high quality DSLR product packages for astronomical , infra red and daytime imaging purposes.

My aim is to have you up and running with all the necessary kit required to get started without delay. 

No lengthy waiting times or excessive prices like some other suppliers of these services.

Unlike many of the bigger dealers/online astronomy shops, you will be dealing directly with me. 
I will endeavour to answer any of your questions and even tailor a solution for you personally, 
should you not want to purchase a full astro modded package.

Now that's a promise!

Clear skies


I ship to UK, North America and Europe.
For all international enquiries 
  please contact me on +44-7906 301961
or send me an email via the Contact page



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