Nervous about taking the risk of modifying your camera yourself? 

Can't be bothered with the time consuming and delicate procedure?

Don't want to pay out costly sums for a IR/UV filter change or removal? 

No worries, we will mod your Canon/Nikon DSLR for you, leaving you with peace of mind and an excellent astrophotography camera in its place.

We do work on the following DSLR models

The filter removal will leave your camera with improved spectral absorption capable of vastly increased H-alpha and red response (up to 98%), up to 5 times the standard filter, which is particularly useful for capturing images of those faint but stunning emission nebula. Daytime photography will work with a custom white balance set on the camera. The autofocus will not work, only manual mode.

A filter change, requires a new high-quality Baader ( ACF I, II or III / BCF )  filter to be put in place of the standard filter, which will still allow daytime photography and auto focusing.


*Turnaround time approx. 3-5 working days, so you can get your camera back within a week, no need for lengthy waits.

**Our  promise to clients is to return your camera in same working condition as it was sent, or send you a replacement camera of same model with the required removal/change work carried out.

*** This includes special next day insured delivery to your doorstep.